Tuesday, January 31, 2012

i miss you


how shall i express it out?



phone ?( but till now i still havent get ur phone number ) =(

through word of mouth??


i shy because i yet to know u much , thus we are just few weeks friendship! however, i admit that i misses you like crazy!

i scare because i afraid history happens again..

i worried that i will received rejection again. coz it seriously hurts..

but ended up, i saw this... >>

and it makes me realise something...

WHY COMPLICATED LIFE? do it when u think is right! dont doubt .. u will regret for life !!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

oh wow.. its been a month i dint log in to my blog!

well.. this year i have a great CHINESE NEW YEAR ahead! finally i can celebrate my chinese new year in peace without having the stress of trying to find a time finishing my homework and so forth.

oh wow.. indeed, its oretty amazing where i am eating non stop as snacks are just all around my house and even my room!! how amazing if i could just whacked all the cookies without getting fat! but now, its different story... i am putting on some weight( which is BAD) .

therefore,let me update abit of whats happening in my life now..

1st day of CNY- pray at home and go bro in law relative house bai nian..

2nd day- sleep at home in the noon and gamble at night..

3rd day-sleep at home in the noon and gamble at night..

4th day-sleep at home in the noon and gamble at night..

and the list goes on where sleeping and gambling became my part of A MUST daily routine..

>> in conclusion, i still cant find the happiness and fun i need which i dreamt of long time ago.. why?! hmmm..

Thursday, December 15, 2011

What's ur QUOTE?

One fine day.. which is yesterday night..i was playing my FB and i saw my friend likes a link. so i go checked it out to see whats that. and its a quote's page.! my *favouriteeee**

Actually, we know the facts in genral but it seems that we need people to remind us again! thast why its meaningful ryte? haha

so, these are few quotes i would like to share and it does somehow relates to me. or you too maybe hehe
this is so true! its always his LOST for askign a break up! hmmmph!

there is once i tried my best to do get the things i wana. but ended up it was a bad conclusion. somehow, i really TRIED! and u too, shall never tired of trying.. coz u will regret someday! but before u make any decision..think 1st..

last time seriously alot of people brings me down.. called me coconut tree, giraffe, giant and so on just because i am tall.. haihs.. but now i prove to them wat they so called coconut tree or giraffe can do ! oh yeaaa!

for me..life is like KARMA.. do good u get good things , do bad u get basd things.. but in life..its always the other way round and the bad people always got to live longer and wealthier life ~ haihs. WHYYY!

there is one i think its very super meaningful,

>>> ''if u are not happy when u r SINGLE, then u wont be happy when u r in a relationship..so GO GET YOUR LIFE''

its true somehow! i never happy when i am single.. so till now i am still finding my way to happiness. =)

but i think thats all for now..because if i waan share all..its gonna be few pages long... haha
so whats yours? come share with me!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

life as a model

its overrr! its overrrr! and let me repeat again!! its overrrr hahah.. finally i can assumed myself that i have graduated .. (crossed fingers that i passed all my subjects)

but anyways.. i would just like to share some modelling history with u while i was in the midst sitting my final examintions paper.

>> owh haha.. this is not me~ for sure. but its just a sneak peek of what i am going to write today and what's exactly i gonna look like on stage! =)


let me show u the Before me..

this is a hair show under SNIPS academy.. it was fun when i got to meet some news friends , just like snow white, rapunzel.. and loads more haha

and also, Benjamin Toong was there tooo.. he choreograph the catwalk ..and i dint know he was so funny though =0)

but wana see how i looked like? but let me warned u 1st.. its scary! its evil =p

1st i was glad that this time, ang mo helped me to make up and she was profesional! *thumbs up*
*ok i know i looked ugly here* haha

>>>> 1 hour later.. look at the 50% transformation on me

>>> shows starts at 8,30pm and this is how i looked like on stage! tee heee

the whole show ends aroudn 11pm.. its was a blast
and thats the end of today's blog... goodbye, to snips graduation night~

Saturday, December 3, 2011


From the above picture.. i guess u should know what am i probably doing now!!

Its exam weekkkk =(

SO >>>>>

Its time to study again... my FINAL examinations in my study life.. no more furthering my studies coz ...1) financial problem
2) Lack of interest as time goes by...(i also dunno why)

Anyways just a short blog post for now.! time to study! oh yeah gambateh!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

time flies

hoollla peeeps!

ahh time flies... zooomm~ and its now
november!gues wat? i am graduating soon and yea, i surely miss college life. =(

and just for your updates.. i just joined miss selangor kebaya. sadly, i dint win for the top 3 but at least i won a subtitle for being the MISS BODY BEAUTIFUL! i was shocked when my name was called.. coz i believe there are other contestant having a nicer and slimmer body than i do. but generally, who cares. coz i got the title anyways! ahaha

a closer look of me at the poster! hehe

the journey joining this misss selangor kebaya was awesome because i it was my 1st time on stage fighting for a tiara!
this is where we wear casual attire= )

these are those top6 subsidiaries title.. hehe

me in red kebaya.. nice? hhee

and hey.. my sash! haha *miss body beautiful**

Monday, October 24, 2011


hey guysss!!!!
a quick blog here.. just wana inform that.....

another 2 hours...and its my 20th BIRTHDAYYYYYY woooots~

HAPPY? --> i think so.. coz its my bday? haha

SAD? coz am older by a year now.. no more saying my self 19++!!

CURIOUS?? coz i dunno whats gonna happen tmr! perhaps a suprise party for me? a huge present waiting for me to open?

ANGRY? coz the person that i wish to celebrate with me cant make it.. =( (i wonder is the appt an excuse)... aiksss

but somehow.. since tmr is my big day~ i hope it will be a great day ahead!! thats all for now.. i'm headache thinking what's the plan for tmr~ goshh~

before that, a quick pic of myself before the clock strikes 12am ..